Sociology - Collective Behavior (Fads, Fashion, Panic, Mass Hysteria) - Lesson Plans, Powerpoints, Games Illustration

Collective Behavior
Fads, Fashion, Panic, Mass Hysteria
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What is collective behavior?

  1. What kinds of social conditions give rise to collective behavior?

  2. Describe at least one incident of collective behavior you have witnessed or been a part of?

  3. What are the three major theories that explain crowd behavior?

  4. How do the following forms of mass behavior differ from one another: Panic, Mass hysteria, Disaster behavior

  5. Describe the fashions, fads, and crazes that are popular among your peers

  6. Provide 2 examples of each of the following collective behaviors
    a. Disaster
    b. Fad
    c. Fashion
    d. Panic
    e. Craze

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